Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ford Foundation Gave $500,000 "Charitable Grant" To ADL Lobbying Group In 2012

In 2012, the tax-exempt, "non-profit" Ford Foundation gave a $500,000 "charitable grant" to the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] group, that often acts as a domestic political pressure group within the United States on behalf of the militaristic Israeli establishment. As ADL National Director Abraham Foxman noted in a May 15, 2012 press release: "We are so very proud to count the Ford Foundation among our closest partners in our vital work..."

Another group that often acts as a domestic political pressure group within the United States on behalf  of the militaristic Israeli establishment, the American Jewish Committee, was also given a $500,000 "charitable grant" by the Ford Foundation, according to the Ford Foundation website's grant data base.

Coincidentally, a Goldman Sachs Group Senior Director named Robert Kaplan--who also sits on the board of the State Street Corporation and Google Inc.'s Investment Advisory Committee--is a member of the Ford Foundation board of trustees.

According to its Form 990 financial filing for 2011, the "non-profit" and tax-exempt Anti-Defamation League collected over $53.7 million in 2011 and had operating expenses of only about $49.6 million during that same year; or, to be more exact, the "non-profit" ADL's 2011 total earnings exceeded its total expenses by $4,192,327 in 2011. In addition, the national director of the "non-profit" ADL, Abraham Foxman, apparently receives an annual compensation of $370,000; and the regional director of the ADL's Los Angeles office, Amanda Susskind, apparently receives an annual compensation of $207,000.

Another tax-exempt "non-profit" organization that's affiliated to the ADL, the ADL Foundation, described its "charitable" activity in the following way on its most recent Form 990 financial filing:

"Helps promote the mission of ADL...Specific grants totalling $13,603,358 was made to ADL...Supports ADL through ownership and administration of a building in Los Angeles, California. The building houses ADL's Pacific Southwest regional office in Los Angeles."

The tax-exempt "non-profit" ADL Foundation's most recent Form 990 financial filing also indicated that the value of its "investments in Central America and Caribbean" exceeds $49.6 million; and the total value of all of the ADL Foundation's investments is around $74 million.

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