Friday, February 15, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Conspired To Silence Oswald?

Both Lee Oswald's mother and the witness who stated that she had seen Jack Ruby dropping off a man with a rifle near the grassy knoll one hour before JFK was ambushed claimed that an FBI agent showed them a photograph of Ruby on the day befor Ruby silenced Oswald.

In his book Who Was Jack Ruby?, journalist Seth Kantor noted that Ruby's roommate, George Senator, "could not account for about six hours of his time on the day before Ruby shot Oswald" and "Ruby could not account for large chunks of time that day, too." Kantor also recalled in his book that:

"At the moment Oswald was shot, Senator was having coffee in the nearby Eatwell Cafe. The moment a waitress at the Eatwell excitedly said there was a news report about Oswald getting shot, Senator went right to a phone and called Jim Martin, a Dalla lawyer who knew Ruby and would become one of Ruby's first lawyers, along with Tom Howard, after the shooting. The only strange thing about what Senator did is that he telephoned Martin five minutes before there was any public announcement that Ruby was the person who had shot Oswald."

(Downtown 3/25/92)

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