Thursday, February 21, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: FBI Director Hoover's LBJ Connection

Some peoople claim that former FBI Director Hoover met with Richard Nixon at Clint Murchison's house in Dallas on the night before JFK was ambushed there and Nixon has admitted telephoning Hoover less than two hours after JFK was eliminated.

Coincidentally, former FBI Director Hoover was also a close friend of Lyndon Johnson at the time JFK was ambushed. In a March 6, 1964 memo to Hoover, former Assistant FBI Director Cartha De Loach reminded Hoover that the newly installed President Johnson "for 19 years was an across-the-street neighbor of yours, had had you down to his ranch in Texas, and had been a close personal friend."

The FBI's Nov. 5, 1963 Visit To The Paine-Oswald Residence

In addition to, coincidentally, informing an FBI agent of Oswald's place of temporary employment at the Texas School Book Depository when the FBI agent visited the Paine-Oswald residence on November 1, 1963, Ruth Paine also evidently spoke with FBI agents again on November 5, 1963, according to her March 23, 1964 testimony before Warren Commission Assistant Counsel Albert Jenner Jr. When Jenner asked Mrs. Paine "On the 5th day of November did an agent of the FBI come for a second time to interview you?," Mrs. Paine replied: "I didn't recall the day, but I have been told it was that day--yes."

(Downtown 4/29/92)

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