Monday, February 18, 2019

`Murder of Fannie Sellins' labor song lyrics

A labor song and protest folk song about the murder of U.S. labor movement union organizer Fannie Sellins and steelworker Joe Starzelski by Allegheny Steel gunmen in August 1919, nearly 100 years ago.
(verse 1)
"I worked in the steel mill twelve hours a day
With no time for play and very low pay
So I went out on strike in 1919
And let me now tell of the murder I seen."
Fannie Sellins she worked for the United Mine Workers
She went `round the country and built-up the union
In three U.S. Steel mills, she did organize
And thousands of steelworkers were soon mobilized.

Faithful to labor's cause
She fought against greed and gain
Not flinching when the bullets came
Workers recall her name.

(verse 2)
"I saw Fannie Sellins outside the millyard
Of Allegheny Steel in West Natoma
The company gunmen, now deputies,
With their guns were beating Old Worker Starzelski.
I saw Fannie Sellins beg the gunmen to cease
Their merciless beating of Old Man Starzelski
Then a company manager knocked Fannie Sellins to the ground
And I saw her try to flee to a nearby friend." (chorus)

(verse 3)
"`Kill the Red woman!', the gunmen did shout
While they threw Starzelski's body in a truck
I then saw the gunmen drag Fannie Sellins to the truck
Where one deputy beat her to death.
In front of my eyes and a crowd of people
Allegheny Steel's deputies crushed Fannie
Her Killer we named again and again
But no one was punished for Fannie Sellins' death." (chorus)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Is 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Really Seeking A `Revolution' In USA?

2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton for U.S. President in July 2016
In 2019 some U.S. left activists have apparently been urging folks who want to see a socialist revolution in the USA to work as unpaid volunteers in politically liberal Democratic Party Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont's 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries campaign.
Yet in her 2018 book about Bernie's unsuccessful Democratic Party presidential primaries campaign in 2016, titled Crashing The Party, a Fordham University professor who also worked as a volunteer researcher and organizer in Bernie's 2016 campaign to be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, named Heather Gautney, observed:

"...Bernie used the slogan `political revolution'...but leftists were understandably opposed to his use of the word `revolution' in that context, as his campaign was not calling for a radical social and political restructuring of power and authority in the United States, like modern revolutionary movements had in Cuba, Bolivia, and elsewhere. Bernie did not associate himself with anti-capitalist politics or seek to nationalize major industries...

"...Bernie endorsed Hillary [Clinton] for president on July 12, 2016...Bernie's decision to endorse Hillary...drew ire from some of his movement-based supporters who argued that he should shun Clinton and the Democrats entirely. Why unify with the same party elements that tried to fix the primary process and defame Bernie' program?...A Clinton administration...would have put him at the front of the line for prominent committee assignments...

"Some of Bernie's delegates were disappointed in him for having conceded the nomination prior to the convention and endorsing Hillary. Bernie or Busters couldn't bear to vote for her, and some, like [Cornell] West, supported the Greens...
Bernie Sanders and AIPAC and Wall Street Banking Industry-Backed U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer
"In the wake of Trump's election...Chuck Schumer recruited Bernie to a leadership position as outreach chairman...Bernie himself appeared in Michigan with Schumer...

"In late April 2017, Bernie and [Democratic National Committee Chairperson Thomas] Perez launched a `Unity Tour,'...For leftists...the tour looked like an attempt to herd them into the fold of the establishment..."