Saturday, February 23, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Authorized George De Mohrenschildt and George Bouhe To Help The Oswalds?

Prior to the JFK ambush, Oswald and his wife had received some financial assistance fom George De Mohrenschildt. In his April 23, 1964 testimony before Warren Commission Assistant Counsel Albert Jenner Jr., De Mohrenschildt noted that he and George Bouhe had checked with their FBI or CIA contacts prior to helping the Oswalds survive between Sept. 1962 and November 22, 1963:

Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT: May I say a few things here that I remember. As I told you before, we met the Oswalds through Bouhe, and then we talked about them to Max Clark, and again to Bouhe. And I asked Mr. Bouhe `Do you think it is safe for us to help Oswald?...'

MR. JENNER:...Why did you raise that question?

MR. DE MOHRENSCHILDT: I raised the question because he had been to Soviet Russia. He could be anything, you see. And he could be right there watched day and night by the FBI. I did not want to get involved, you see. And I distinctly remember, No. 1, that George Bouhe said that he had checked with the FBI...I have the impression to have talked--to have asked about Lee Oswald also Mr. Moore, Walter Moore.

MR. JENNER: Who is Walter Moore?

MR. DE MOHRENSCHILDT: Walter Moore is the man who interviewed me on behalf of the Government after I came back from Yugoslavia--G. Walter Moore. He is a Government man--either FBI or Central Intelligence...Many people consider him head of FBI in Dallas...We became quite friendly..."

(Downtown 4/29/92)

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