Thursday, April 25, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Oswald's `201' CIA File

On September 22, 1978, the following exchange took place between former CIA Director Richard Helms and House Select Committee On Assassinations Senior Staff Counsel Michael Goldsmith:

Mr. Goldsmith: "Did the Agency ever conduct an investigation to determine whether Lee Harvey Oswald had been connected with the CIA?"

Mr. Helms: "Yes, and I believe that Mr. McCone [former CIA Director] presented to the Warren Commission a sworn affidavit saying that he had no formal connectiion with the CIA of any kind...

"...He was not an agent of the CIA and I was horrified this morning to have Mr. Blakey [House Select Committee On Assassinations Chief Counsel], as a part of this committee's work coming out with the allegation at this late date that he had some identification with the Agency. Can't this ever be put to rest? What does it take to put it to rest?

"Excuse me. I am asking you a question. I will rephrase it. I would hope that at some juncture someone would find some means of putting this allegation to rest..."

Mr. Goldsmith: "Was there a written report summarizing the Agency's investigation?"

Mr. Helms: "I don't know."

Mr. Goldsmith: "Do you think one should have been filed?"

Mr. Helms. "I don't know."

Mr. Goldsmith: "Why not?"

Mr. Helms: "I don't have any idea why it should have. If it manifests itself in the affidavit sworn by Mr. McCone, isn't that evidence enough?:

Mr. Goldsmith: "Are the Agency's files sufficiently accurate to resolve that issue?"

Mr. Helms: "I don't know..."

Mr. Goldsmith: "Does this memorandum make reference to 37 documents being missing from Oswald's `201 file'?"

Mr. Helms: "Yes, it does..."

According to Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs, "at least three former CIA officers have stated publicly that the mere existence of a 201 file on Oswald indicated a relationship between the ex-Marine and the Agency" and "Vincent Marchetti, formerly an executive assistant to the CIA's deputy director, said `Basically, if Oswald had a `201' file, he was an agent.''"

(Downtown 9/15/93)

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