Sunday, April 21, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Was CIA Official Hunt In Dallas On November 22, 1963?

In its June 6, 1975 report, entitled "Allegations Concerning the Assassination Of President Kennedy," the Rockefeller Commission On CIA Activities Within The United States stated that "the personal, payroll and travel records of the CIA were checked with respect to" Tracy Barnes's Chief of Covert Activities--E. Howard Hunt--and that "What records remain...disclose that Hunt...used 11 hours of sick leave in the two-week pay period ending November 23, 1963," and "there is some indication...that some of these 11 hours of sick leave may have been taken by Hunt on November 22, 1963." The Rockefeller Commission Report also stated that "it cannot be determined with certainty" where convicted Watergate break-in affair participant Hunt was "on the day of the assassination."

(Downtown 8/4/93)

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