Saturday, April 20, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Did CBS News Cover-Up Conspiracy?

In the early 1990s CBS News still wasn't very eager to investigate the allegations by some U.S. writers that the CIA was involved in the elimination of JFK on November 22, 1963. Yet CBS News apparently was very eager to prove in the 1960s that the Warren Report was not a U.S. Establishment fabrication. In an article that appeared in The Assassinations: Dallas And Beyond--A Guide To Cover-Ups And Investigations, entitled "The Media And The Murder of John Kennedy," Jerry Polcoff wrote the following:

"CBS designed spurious tests to support the Warren Report. When these loaded tests disproved the report, they were interpreted to support it anyway...CBS concluded that `Oswald was the sole assassin'...The Kennedy assassination cover-up has survived so long only because the press, confronted with the choice of believing what it was told or examining the facts independently, chose the former..."

In his book, Maverick: Fifty Years Of Investigative Reporting, Fred Cook also wrote the following:

"Early in December 1963 I went to Washington on a magazine assignment, and I learned from a number of sources that many veteran newsmen were as concerned as I about the lightning-fast wrap-up of the case.

"One of my contacts, who had been talking to a CBS news executive, told me that the executive was deeply disturbed and frustrated. His team in Dallas, he said, had uncovered leads that seemed to require further digging, but had run into the stonewall of...indifference."

(Downtown 8/4/93)

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