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50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Eliminated JFK In Dallas?

In his best-selling book, Plausible Denial: Was The CIA Involved In The Assassination Of JFK?, Mark Lane noted that after the failure of the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, Marita Lorenz was apparently recruited to be a decoy for an operation in Dallas by a CIA operative named Frank Sturgis, who was later convicted for his role in the Watergate Affair. According to Lane, "Marita Lorenz spent hours talking with me" and "she told me in some detail of her knowledge of the plan to assassinate President Kennedy and of the role played by Sturgis and [E. Howard `Eduardo'] Hunt," another CIA operative who was later convicted for his role in the Watergate Affair.

Evidently, according to Lorenz, sometime in November 1963 prior to the JFK ambush, a caravan of two cars brought weapons from Miami to Dallas. Then, in the early evening of the day before JFK was ambushed, according to Lorenz, she witnessed Hunt giving Sturgis an envelope of cash in a Dallas motel room. Forty-five minutes after Hunt left this Dallas motel room, according to Lorenz, she witnessed Jack Ruby arriving in the motel room and being given money by Sturgis. About two hours after Ruby left the motel room, according to Lorenz, she and Sturgis flew back to Miami, where she and Sturgis separated.

According to Plausible Denial, in response to a question from Hunt's lawyer during Hunt's lawsuit against Spotlight magazine, Lorenz stated that--after JFK was eliminated--when "Sturgis sought to recruit her for yet another CIA project he told her that she had missed `the really big one' in Dallas" and he stated to her:

"We killed the president that day. You could have been a part of it--you know, part of history. You should have stayed. Everything was covered up in advance. No arrests, no real newspaper investigation. It was all covered, very professional."

In response to further questioning by Hunt's attorney during Hunt's lawsuit, Lorenz apparently also named others who were part of the caravan that carried weapons to Dallas prior to November 22, 1963 and also indicated that she had told government authorities in New York what she had witnessed on November 21, 1963 in Dallas.

Coincidentally, at least one published book on JFK's death asserted that "According to an internal CIA memorandum allegedly written in 1966 by Tom Karamessines, an assistant to Richard Helms, E. Howard Hunt...was in Dallas" on November 22, 1963.

(Downtown 6/10/92)

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