Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Why Did LBJ Take Oath In Dallas?

Although most U.S. Establishment presidents have been sworn-in as president in Washington, D.C., former President Lyndon B. Johnson was first sworn in by a CIA-linked Hoblitzelle Foundation trustee named Sara Hughes in Dallas, Texas a few hours after JFK was ambushed on November 22, 1963. According to High Treason 2: The Great Cover-Up by Harrison Edward Livingstone:

"The conspiracy that killed President Kennedy was at least to some extent hatched and operated out of Dallas/Fort Worth. The plotters controlled the police and the city government there. Numerous of their relatives and connections were in the military and in the CIA...Some of those, like General Charles Cabell of Dallas, had been fired by Kennedy. The Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division, David Atlee Phillips, and numerous others from the CIA were from Dallas or Fort Worth...

"General Edward Lansdale and Lucien Conein wore military uniforms but were CIA...There was long a rumor in the Washington area that the Far Eastern section of the CIA killed President Kennedy, along with propaganda specialists and Bay of Pigs operatives from the Western Hemisphere division. They were also connected to Richard Nixon...

"Lansdale and Lucien Conein were prominent in the Far Eastern Section, along with Desmond Fitzgerald."

(Downtown 1/20/93)

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