Saturday, July 30, 2016

Did Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign For GOP Opponent of 1964 Civil Rights Act in 1964 U.S. Presidential Campaign?

Most Democratic Party voters who are now over 60 years-of-age were glad to see the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed by the U.S. Congress. And most Democratic Party voters who are now over 60 years-of-age were glad to see that the 1964 Republican Party presidential nominee who voted in the U.S. Senate against passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Barry Goldwater, was not elected in November 1964 to be the U.S. President.

Yet in her 2003 book Living History (for which she was paid more than $10 million in book advance and book royalties by the Viacom-CBS media conglomerate's Simon & Schuster book publishing subsidiary), former President Bill Clinton's wife--2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton--wrote the following:

"...My father, Hugh F. Rodham, owned a small business...He started his own print plant in a building on the North Side [of Chicago]. He employed day laborers...

"...My dad was a rock-ribbed...conservative Republican and proud of it...By the Fall of 1960, my world was expanding and so were my political sensibilities. John F. Kennedy won the presidential election, to my father's consternation. He supported...Richard M. Nixon...Betsy Johnston and I...heard about a group of Republicans asking for volunteers to...uncover vote fraud...Betsy and I decided to participate...Betsy and I separated and went off with total strangers. I ended up with a couple who drove me to the South Side [of Chicago]...and told me to knock on doors and ask people their names so I could...find evidence to overturn the election...When I finished, I stood on the corner waiting to be picked up, happy that I'd ferreted out proof of my father's contention that `Daley stole the election for Kennedy.'...

"I was interested in politics from an early age...I...ran for student council and junior class Vice President. I was also an active Young Republican and, later, a Goldwater girl, right down to my cowgirl outfit and straw cowboy hat...Paul Carlson...a very conservative Republican...encouraged me to read Senator Barry Goldwater', The Conscience of a Conservative. That inspired me to write my...paper on the American conservative movement...I liked Senator Goldwater...Years later, I admired his outspoken support of individual rights...When Goldwater learned I had supported him in 1964, he...invited me to come see him. I went to his home in Phoenix in 1996 and spent a wonderful hour talking to him and his dynamic wife, Susan..."

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