Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The `New York Times'' Mexican Billionaire Connection Revisited: Part 10

New York Times Owner Slim’s Historic Microsoft-Bill Gates Connection

Besides owning a lot of New York Times stock and sitting next to former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Trilateral Commission member Harold Brown on the Philip Morris International corporate board in recent years, Mexican Billionaire Slim has also historically had a business relationship with U.S. Billionaire Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation and its Prodgy MSN subsidiary. And on Mar. 21, 2000, a Microsoft press release stated:

“Telmex and Microsoft Corp. today announced the formation of T1msn, the result of a joint venture agreement signed last year between the two companies. T1msn will create and operate a leading Spanish-language Internet portal, launched today…

“`Telmex and Microsoft…share a common business vision,’
said Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman…

“`This joint venture draws on the skills and strengths of both companies,’ said Carlos Slim, chairman of the board of Telmex…”

(end of part 10)

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