Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The `New York Times'' Mexican Billionaire Connection Revisited: Part 9

New York Times Owner Slim’s Historic Rudolph Giuliani Connection

The same New Internationalist (6/1/04) magazine article also revealed how New York City’s former Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s consulting firm was paid $4.3 million in 2004 by “a group of business interests” led by New York Times Owner Slim:

“Like his father before him, Carlos Slim is now eyeing the Mexico City real estate market. And he’s counting on ex-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani for help. Slim…led a group of business interests who paid Giuliani’s consulting firm $4.3 million for a report on how to clean up the city’s historic centre. Both the mayor and the police chief embraced the report’s recommendations. Not surprisingly, they echo Giuliani’s approach in New York – which was basically to make it impossible for the poor to live there. The report calls for a crackdown on street vendors, prostitution, graffiti and homeless kids who watch parked cars for a few pesos. Critics fear the project is an attempt to boost property values for real estate speculators while pushing the poor to the city’s crowded suburban slums…”

(end of part 9)

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