Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who Is U.S. Secretary of State John "Skull and Bones" Kerry?--Part 2

In their 2004 book "John F. Kerry", Michael Kranish, Brian Mooney and Nina Easton wrote the following about a Democratic Party politician that some U.S. antiwar movement activists have nicknamed John "Secretary of Warmongering" Kerry:

"...Critics see him as an unabashed political operator. Unlike many who are driven to succeed in public life by a core belief system, the arc of Kerry's political career is defined by a restless search for the issues...and causes to fulfill a nearly lifelong ambition...John Forbes Kerry has had his eyes on the White House ever since he was a youth...

"...His first campaign for Congress, at age 28, left him defeated, a bit shaken, and for ever marked as a carpetbagging opportunist in the clubby world of Massachusetts politics...His third Senate term began with...a new wife, Teresa Heinz, whose wealth was estimated at $675 million dollars...

"He experienced and effective money raiser...He is a proficient bundler of donations, taking contributions from individuals who work at the same law firms, financial services and telecommunications firms, high-tech companies, and other sectors of the economy with business before Congress...Despite his protestations to the contrary, he has shown a willingness to tap personal wealth he accumulated largely as a result of his marriage to Teresa Heinz. (Heinz, originally a Republican, said she switched her part affiliation to Democrat in 2003.)..."

(end of part 2)

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