Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who Is U.S. Secretary of State John "Skull & Bones" Kerry?--Part 1

In their 2004 book "John F. Kerry", Michael Kranish, Brian Mooney and Nina Easton wrote the following about a Democratic Party politician that some U.S. antiwar activists have nicknamed John "Secretary of Warmongering" Kerry:

"To his critics, Kerry is an aloof politician who lacks a core...As a boy, he was shipped off for a 7-year odyssey at boarding schools in Switzerland and New England...The boy who was educated at patrician prep schools...married wealthy wives whose net worth dwarfed his own...Upon graduation from Yale, he...enlisted as an officer [during the Vietnam War]...He also supported U.S. military intervention, particularly in Kosovo in 1999...In 2002, he voted for war...

"...Garry Trudeau's `Doonesbury'...lampooned him as a `gorgeous preppie'...He is trailed by a reputation for political opportunism, symbolized by his 1971 decision to protest the war by tossing medals and ribbons over a fence at the Capitol--and then to explain away the controversial deed by declaring the medals belonged to another veteran...By...his 1992 condemnation of affirmative action...By his...sometimes tortured explanation of why he voted in favor of military action in Iraq..."
(end of part 1)

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