Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mexico Revisited: Some Hidden Facts About Mexican History and Mexican Society--Part 5

In his 2010 book Mexico: Why A Few Are Rich and The People Poor, University of California-San Diego Professor Emeritus of History Ramon Eduardo Ruiz revealed the following remaining hidden facts about Mexidan history and Mexican society:

41. "...Over 12 million Mexicans do not have running water in their homes..." (page 210)

42. "Mexico City...has some of the most polluted air in the world..." (page 210)

43. "More than 4.5 million Mexicans, one-tenth of the workforce, are unemployed [in Mexico]..." (page 211)

44. Half of the government agents in Mexico's Justice Department apparently receive money from their drug busts; and 500,000 Mexicans are apparently linked in some way to drug trafficking industry. (page 213)

45. "...Ten of the world's billionaires were from Mexico [in 2010], among them the telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim..." (page 216)

46. "...Carlos Slim...purchased the [Mexican] nation's telephone a bargain price; his monopoly nonetheless...charges some of the world's highest phone rates..." (page 218)

47. "...The Great Recession of 2009...set Mexico adrift on a sea of trouble...The shock in Mexico was felt at once. The peso's value dropped...Even Volkswagen, the German giant, laid off workers...Maquiladoras [border area factories in Mexico] shut down or cut workers in Baja California, Norte, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Tamanlipas and Conhuila..." (page 236)

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