Tuesday, June 4, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Did Ruby Have Connections To H.L. Hunt Dynasty?

The guy who killed Lee Oswald on tv two days after JFK was eliminated, Jack Ruby, apparently had a few connections to the family of H.L. Hunt. As Texas Rich by Henry Hurt III recalled in 1981:

"The FBI uncovered two...possible links between Jack Ruby and H.L. Hunt. One was Isaiah Howard Haynes. A black laborer and handyman, Haynes had worked for Ruby for 16 years. His job was to clean up at Ruby's Carousel Club between the hours of 4 and 7 pm. But during nine of those years, Haynes had also been employed as a houseman-porter-chauffeur for the Loyd B. Sands family...Loyd Sands was the son-in-law of H.L. Hunt. Haynes was still employed by both Ruby and the Sands on the day Kennedy was shot. Ruby and the Hunt family also shared another black employee--Andrew Armstrong...He was employed at the Holiday Hill apartments, which the Hunts owned, from May to December of 1961. Two months later, in February of 1962, he went to work for Ruby as a maintenance man at the Carousel Club. Strangely enough, the Warren Commsision investigators questioned Haynes and Armstrong about possible connections or contact between Ruby and Oswald (both said they knew of none), but did not ask them about possible connections between Ruby and the Hunts."

(Aquarian Weekly 1/15/97)

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