Monday, June 3, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Was H.L. Hunt Dynasty Involved In JFK Assassination Cover-Up?

As the 1973 movie Executive Action indicated, many folks in the U.S. suspect that Texas oil billionaires like H.L. Hunt were involved in plots that led to JFK's elimination in Dallas on November 22, 1963. And in his 1995 book Killing Kennedy, Harrison Edward Livingstone included the following references to H.L. Hunt and the Hunt dynasty:

"I had high-level information in Dallas that the original Zapruder film (from Zapruder's camera) was first obtained by H.L. Hunt before Life bought what they thought was the original...The indication is that Hunt's people obtained it and passed it on to the FBI who sent it to headquarters in Washington shortly after it was developed...What happened to H.L. Hunt's copy? Why won't the Hunt family discuss this?"

Coincidentally, Texas Rich by Henry Hurt III also recalled in 1981:

"The Hunts learned that President Kennedy's visit to Dallas might be greeted with violence nearly three weeks before the president crossed the state line. The warning came from the family's master intelligence man, Hunt Oil security chief Paul Rothermel. In a November 4, 1963 interoffice memo headlined `POLITICS,' Rothermel informed his boss that there had been `unconfirmed reports of possible violence during the parade' scheduled to take place when Kennedy arrived in town on November 22...

"The pandemonium that engulfed Dallas swept through the offices of Hunt Oil Company with gale force...Someone reportedly began shredding most circulating copies of Rothermel's memo of November 4..."

(Aquarian Weekly 1/15/97)

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