Thursday, May 30, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: 4 Conspiracies Against JFK?

Long before Oliver Stone made his JFK movie, former Democratic presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy apparently believed that JFK was eliminated by a conspiracy on November 22, 1963. As comedian Mort Sahl recalled in his 1976 book Heartland:

"In an effort to recruit some muscle for [Jim] Garrison, because I was probably the only well-known name on his side, I went to Washington and spoke with Gene McCarthy. `What about the trial?' McCarthy said. `There wasn't only one conspiracy against Jack. There were four. But nobody wants to deal with it...'

In the same book, Sahl also noted that when he spoke with 1972 Democratic Presidential nominee George McGovern around the same time, "McGovern said, `well I think the Warren Report is a lot of crap.'"

(Aquarian Weekly 5/15/96)

30 People Involved In JFK Assassination Plot?

"The Sulzberger Dynasty's New York Times may still be reporting that only one person was responsible for the November 22, 1963 murder of JFK in Dallas. Yet Granma (9/15/93) noted in the early 1990s that "General Fabian Escalante, director for the Cuban Center for National Security Studies tated that `according to Lopez Estrada, an expert on the CIA, the Dallas assassination must have been committed by approximately 30 persons."

(Downtown 10/18/95)

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