Tuesday, May 28, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Used `Bishop' Cover Name?

There is apparently some evidence that a CIA employee named "Bishop," who apparently paid Antonio Veciana $253,000...was a former CIA official named David Phillips. As the Appendix To Hearings Before The House Select Committee On Assassinations (Vol. 10) revealed:

"Investigators interviewed a former career agent for the CIA, who for present purposes will be called Ron Cross. From September 1960 until November 1962, Cross was a case officer at the CIA's JM/WAVE station...

"When asked by the committee if he was familiar with anyone using the cover name of Bishop at the JM/WAVE station, Cross said he was almost positive that David Phillips had used the cover name of...Bishop."

Oswald And The CIA by Professor John Newman observed in the early 1990s that "it is fitting that one of the agency's legendary disinformation artists, David Atlee Phillips, should have been in charge of the CIA's counter-intelligence and propaganda effort against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee" and "what the operation tells us is that the agency was sufficiently interested in countering the Fair Play for Cuba Committee to engage in illegal domestic operations..." A number of U.S. writers have asserted that Oswald was attempting to infiltrate the Fair Play for Cuba Committee on behalf of the CIA, prior to apparently being framed by CIA-linked people as their "patsy" for the JFK assassination.

(Downtown 7/19/95)

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