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50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Used Secret Service Credentials On November 22, 1963?

Coincidentally, a former Secret Service Special Agent named Abraham Bolden--who was assigned to the White House Detail in the early 1960s--apparently told A Citizen's Dissent author Mark Lane on December 4, 1967 that "it had been widely known in the Secret Service that an unauthorized person had used Secret Service credentials in Dallas on November 22 [1963]."

PBS's Bill Moyers And Coverage of JFK Assassination

One reason long-time PBS show producer Bill Moyers may still not apparently be very eager to examine what may have really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 on his tv show might be because Moyers, coincidentally, was personally involved in the post-assassination shift of presidential power to Lyndon Baines Johnson. As LBJ's Inner Circle by Charles Robert recalled:

"Johnson's lengthening shadow began to take shape in Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 minutes after Kenneth O'Donnell, appointments secretary to President Kennedy, first addressed him as `Mr. President'--to inform him that President Kennedy was dead...

"`Get me Jack Valenti,' he told a friend before leaving the hospital to ride head down on the back seat of an unmarked police car to Love Field. And so Jack J. Valenti...who had ridden in the doomed Dallas motorcade as the Vice-President's guest, became the first post-assassination addition to President Johnson's staff...

"At Love Field...he picked up another trustted Texan, Bill D. Moyers, for the return trip to Washington. Moyers, a Johnson protege'...had been in Austin, Texas, advancing the President's scheduled visit. When he heard of the assassination, he `naturally' flew to Johnson's side. That's where he and Valenti were when LBJ...gave his first presidential order: `Now let's get airborne!'

"...After the President had written out in long hand the...57-word statement he wasa to make on his arrival in Washington...he questioned its adequacy...with Bill Moyers..."

At The White House by Robert Pierpoint also noted that "If anyone had a close working and personal relationship with LBJ it was Moyers" and "Moyers persistently tried to put a humane face on an increasingly inhumane war, explaining the president's Vietnam policies in the most acceptable terms possible."

(Downtown 12/22/93)

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