Monday, May 13, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Revisiting 1993 Cuban TV Documentary

In an article entitled "New Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination" (Granma International 12/8/93), Gabriel Molina described what was contained in a three-part Cuban tv documentary on assassination attempts against former Cuban President Fidel Castro, that was broadcast on Cuban tv in 1993:

"General Fabian Escalanate Font, former head of the Cuban State Security, declared that Cuban counter-revolutionaries and Mafia henchmen, who were manipulated by certain CIA leaders and who had participated in plots to kill Fidel [Castro] were part of the conspiracy surrounding the Kennedy assassination...

"Escalante's sensational accusation pointed to Cubans Eladio del Valle Gutierrez and Herminio Diaz Garcia (both dead, the first murdered under mysterious circumstances) as the gunmen who acted on November 22, 1963, with or without Oswald. It is true that Wilcott, a former CIA officer, saw Oswald at one of the intelligence agency's camps in Japan. That wasn't the only evidence of links between Oswald and the U.S. intelligence agencies or between Jack Ruby, his executioner, and the Mafia. The groups was rounded out by Chicago Mafiosi Lenny Patrick and David Yaras, and by Richard Gaines.

"According to Escalante, another group involved in the presidential assassination  [of JFK] included Cuban-American Frank Sturgis, an important figure in the Bay of Pigs invasion and one of the Watergate `plumbers,' Orlando Bosch and the two Novo brothers, Ignacio and Guillermo, all three of whom are known terrorists; and Dave Phillips, a former head of the CIA for the western hemisphere...

"Escalante also claims that the role of organizer was played by, among others, Richard Helms and Richard Bissell, director and deputy director of the agency, respectively, and Mafia heads Santos Trafficante, Sam Giancana and John Roselli."

(Downtown 1/5/94)

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