Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Justice vs. Foundations and Philanthropy

In a statement before the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations in 1915, a miner representing Colorado miners, John R. Lawson, indicated why acceptance of "philanthropic" grants from foundations like the Ford Foundation and other liberal establishment foundations by U.S. alternative media/left gatekeeper groups, left-liberal NGOs and left-liberal think-tanks is no substitute for creating a radically democratized society in the United States--which finally provides economic justice for U.S. working-class people in the 21st-century:
"There is another cause of industrial discontent. This is the skillful attempt that is being made to substitute Philanthropy for Justice. There is not one of these foundations, now spreading their millions over the world in showy generosity, that does not draw these millions from some form of industrial injustice. It is not their money that these lords of commercialized virtue are spending, but the withheld wages of the American working-class."

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