Thursday, January 31, 2013

50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Conspired To Eliminate JFK?

According to High Treason: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy--What Really Happened by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingston: "This is where we begin to understand the Dallas-Hughes-CIA-Mafia-anti-Castro-Cuban connection, which resulted in the president's murder--The apparatus set up to destroy Castro ended up destroying John Kennedy."

In Empire: The Life, Legend and Madness of Howard Hughes, Donald Barlett and James Teele noted that "The Hughes payroll was studded with former intelligence operatives, government agents, and retired army, navy and air force officers." Empire: The Life, Legend and Madness of Howard Hughes also observed:

"By the late 1960s, the Hughes empire had crafted perhaps the most powerful private political machine in the country...The empire spent billions of American tax dollars without public accountability, received billions of dollars in government contracts without competitive bidding, and received millions of dollars in subsidies. it submitted to federal courts fraudulent or forged documents. It ignored federal court orders with impunity. It was exempted from the myriad laws and regulations binding on others.

"The empire thrived on shadowy alliances, intricate deals, quiet understandings, secret political contributions...

"It was hard cash that Huges used to work his political will...Spelling it out in the crudest possible terms, Hughes advised [CIA] operative] Maheu on another occasion: `You just remember that every man--I can buy--I, Howard Hughes, can buy any man in the world, or I can destroy him.'

"The Hughes equation contained a built-in multiplier. The formation of one relationship led to a second and a third until scores of government officials and congressmen and congressional staff members and influential associates and lawyers were involved."

(Downtown 3/4/92)

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