Wednesday, January 5, 2011

`They Sentenced Lynne Stewart'

They sentenced Lynne Stewart
To ten years in jail
They sentenced Lynne Stewart
And they revoked her bail
They locked up Lynne Stewart
For doing her job
And to scare other lawyers
From defending Muslims.

She visited a client
In a Minnesota prison
And the government
Made a secret tape
And after she gave her client's
Statement to the press
The Feds came to her home
To make their arrest.

The government that bombs
Iraq and Afghanistan
Accused the civil rights lawyer
Of supporting "terrorism"
Attorney General Ashcroft
He declared on TV
That he needed no trial
To find Lynne Stewart "guilty."

So an NYU Law prof
And a manipulated jury
Produced a conviction
So she would not go free
And a Columbia Law prof
Said her sentence was "too short"
And they added 8 more years
When they returned Lynne to court.

Now they've moved her out to Texas
Far away from New York
Far away from her husband
And her political support
And since she's ill and elderly
And they've disbarred her for life
They hope people won't demand
That Lynne Stewart be freed tonight!

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