Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Regime in Egypt's Human Rights Record Historically

The U.S. government-supported Mubarak Regime in Egypt has a long historical record of violating the human rights of people in Egypt. In its May 1991 issue of Censorship News, the Article 19 human rights organization, for example, recorded the following human rights violations during the U.S. War Machine's high-technology "Kuwaitigate"/Gulf War I" bombing of Iraq in 1991:

"Feb. 7, 1991--At least 11 students at Ain Shams University in Cairo were arrested for allegedly producing leaflets containing anti-war material;

"Feb. 8, 1991--Dr. Mohammed Mandour, Head of Psychiatry at the Palestinian Red Screscent Society in Cairo and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights [EDHR] and Dr. Emad Atrees were arrested after making public statements in opposition to the [Gulf] war. Dr. Mandour was reportedly tortured severely...

"Feb. 21, 1991--The EDHR recorded that Mohamed Abdel Fatah, a teacher, and Samah Said, a university student and EDHR member, were arrested and detained under a 15-day detention order, allegedly for possessing anti-war leaflets. They are reported to have been tortured.

"Feb. 27, 1991--The EDHR recorded that Hamdain Sabahi, journalist and founding member of the opposition Arab Socialist Nasserist Party, was arrested allegedly for voicing his opposition to the [Gulf] war at a student meeting at Cairo University on Feb. 24. He was reportedly tortured..."

Coincidentally, a former attorney with the General Counsel of the Air Force in the Pentagon, Patton Boggs Partner Dean Dilley, is currently the "Legal Counsel to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in handling...litigation involving military contractors..," according to the website of the Washington, D.C. corporate law firm of Patton Boggs.

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