Monday, July 24, 2017

`Christiania Lives' folk song lyrics

A folk song about the free youth community in Copenhagen, Denmark, with lyrics that were written in Copenhagen in 1985, after visiting Christiania as a tourist.

Christiania lives
A Nuclear-free city
But Copenhagen's dream
Seems Threatened by the poverty.

Young people long ago rejected the consumer world
But still they needed homes to live rent free
So when the Danish Army left its base empty
To Christiania all the youth did flee. (chorus)

They came there from the north
They came there from the west
They ran there from the boring suburban streets
They dropped out from their schools
They joyfully quit their jobs
To spend their days and nights as hippie freaks. (chorus)

The Parliament got upset at seeing the youth all squat
And ordered police to take Christiania's land
But the free youth community defended its liberty
So today Christiania still stands. (chorus)

They have their own radio and people move in and out
But a few people have remained there all the time
They party and get high and play in the poverty
And laugh at the businessmen in ties. (chorus) (chorus)

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