Tuesday, April 25, 2017

`Come With Us" folk song lyrics

A protest folk song with early 1970's melody, chorus lyrics and first verse lyrics about dreams and frustrations of being a 1960's and 1970's U.S. anti-war New Left Movement organizer-activist, in which lyrics to second and third verse were written in 2017.

(verse 1) Oh, people sitting on the ground
Why can't you hear the sound?
We've been trying
But so many still are dying.
And I wish I could have you as a friend
But you seem to prefer another love
So I've been crying
While you've been flying.

Come with us
Flee with me
We'll be kind
In the breeze.

(verse 2)
The lies they bombard all from the screen
The masked musicians cover up their greed
And robots dancing
To advertising.
And I wish you'd awaken in the night
And discover what is wrong and what is right
Then I'd be laughing
And you'd be escaping. (chorus)

(verse 3)
The orphaned refugees from covert war
The missile and drone strikes that break the law
The rigged elections
Yet no Revolution.
And I wish I could tell you what is true
And you would agree it's overdue.
Then you'd feel freedom
And not more serfdom. (chorus)

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