Thursday, January 5, 2017

`Marilyn Monroe's Mysterious Death' folk song lyrica

An historical topical folk song from 2016 that revisits and raises some questions about the mysterious death  in California of 1950's Hollywood movie star Marilyn Monroe in August 1962.
Two days before her press conference
Marilyn Monroe was dead
And her notebook diary disappeared
With the star of Hollywood.

They called her "Marilyn Monroe"
And she planned to hold a press conference
To talk about being used
By the Attorney General and the President
To complain about the false words
Which each said to get her into bed
And to reveal what she knew of C.I.A. plots
To kill a Cuban government head. (chorus)

She had thought that "Mr. President"
Would make her the new First Lady
But the White House stopped accepting her calls
When it became too politically risky
And after being passed to the Justice Department
She wrote in her notebook diary
Of her bedroom conversations about covert
C.I.A. activity. (chorus)

No matter how big a movie star
Or how large are the crowds you attract
If you mix in their power game of politics
It can get dangerous to be near the top
They'll exploit your popularity
And spend nights with you secretly
But they'll dump your body quickly
When it threatens "The Company." (chorus)

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