Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Did Clintons' Use Foundation Money To Pay Clinton Family's Travel Expenses and Excessive Executives Salaries?

Most Democratic Party voters don't think that the funds of a tax-exempt, non-profit, "philanthropic" foundation should be used to pay for charter flight or first-class flight seat travel expenses of the family members who created the "non-profit" and tax-exempt "philanthropic" foundation; or to pay inflated salaries to the top executives of that tax-exempt and "non-profit" foundation. Yet according to the Form 990 financial filing for 2013 of the Clinton Foundation, "the board" of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation "recognizes that...William J. Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton may require the need to travel by charter or in first class..;." and in 2012, the following amounts in total annual compensation were paid-out to Clinton Foundation executives:

1. $484,257 (including a $249,999 bonus) to Clinton Foundation Director of Marketing Frederic Poust;

2. $394,856 to Clinton Foundation Chairman of the Board Bruce Lindsey;

3. $295,525 to Clinton Foundation CEO, CGEP Mark Gunton;

4. $274,341 to Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman;

5. $243,757 to Clinton Foundation CEO,CGI Robert S. Harrison;

6. $236,885 to Clinton Foundation CDG Dennis Cherg;

7. $215,684 to Clinton Foundation CEO, CGER Scott Tartel;

8. $207,955 to Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel;

9. $201,023 to Clinton Foundation CEO Virginia Ilrdich;

10. $183,958 to Clinton Foundation Sernior Adviser Laura Graham; and

11. $169,749 to Clinton Foundation Executive Director Stephanie S. Streett.

Most Democratic Party voters also don't think that a tax-exempt, "non-profit" foundation should be allowed to make a profit from its annual activities. Yet in its Form 990 financial filing for 2013, the Clinton Foundation noted that in 2012 "our 3 entities show a $7 million surplus of revenues over expenses."

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