Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Revisiting 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders' Pre-2000 Political Career--Part 2

In his 1991 book, The Socialist Mayor: Bernard Sanders In Burlington, Vermont, Steven Soifer indicated how 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was re-elected as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont in November 1983:

"....The 1983 election differed from the previous mayoral election....Sanders received more than 50 percent in a three-way election...

"....A progressive critic expressed disappointment in Sanders's reelection campaign:....`His [campaign] slogan in '83 was `Leadership that's keeping Burlington strong.' It's not a radical posture to take. And the context of it [the campaign]--street improvements, keeping taxes down, efficiency in government, saving money, best they're kind of democratic, reform-oriented platform. He [Sanders], in fact, does what almost all politicians do, which is he runs left between elections and then back right, right before the election--not so much in the spoken word--but in what the machine produces. And the machine gets the word out real well...."

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