Wednesday, December 16, 2015

MBTA's $100,000-Plus Managers Propose T Fare Hike and T Service Cuts In 2016

In recent weeks, administrators of Greater Boston's historically mismanaged, debt-ridden "non-profit" Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority [MBTA]'s transit system have proposed: 1. yet another fare hike for T riders in July 2016; 2. elimination of late night T service (apparently to encourage more late night student T riders to utilize the for-profit, Uber private company's non-unionized car drivers); and 3. cuts in The Ride para transit services for both young and elderly people with disabilities--in order to "reduce the annual operating costs" of running the MBTA's mass transit system.

But one reason the MBTA management's "annual operating costs" have increased in recent years (besides having a policy of apparently not demanding that a moratorium on MBTA debt service and interest payments to Wall Street big bank creditors, etc. be negotiated by the Governor of Massachusetts) is that many MBTA administrators, managers and police officers are still apparently being paid annual salaries that exceed $100,000 per year.

For example, according to public records, the projected 2015 annual salaries for the following former or current MBTA administrators, managers and police officers were as follows:

General Manager Beverly Scott $220,000;

Deputy General Manager Sean McCarthy $195,000

Deputy General Manager and Adm. Exec. CFO Jonathan Davis $195,000

Chief Technology Officer Gary Foster $158,000

Chief of Police Kenneth Green $152,000

General Counsel MBTA/DOT Paige Scott-Reed $150,000

AGM Design & Construction Edmond Hunter $145,000

Chief Strategic Business Initiative Theodore Backa $140,000

Chief Safety Office Ronald Nickle $133,000

Chief Mechanical Officer Jeffrey Gonneville $132,000

Chief Engineering and Construction Erik Stoothoff $131,000

Deputy Chief of Police James Witzgall $132,000

AGM Operations Strategy & Signals Charles Planck $131,000

Chief Transportation Officer Todd Johnson $127,000

Chief Administration Officer Tina Beasley $127,000

Director Budget Mary Runkel $126,000

AGM Customer Service and Billing Roseanne Yates $126,000

AGM Systemwide Accountability Laura Brelsford $125,000

Deputy General Counsel Lurleen Gannon $125,000

Chief Railroad Officer Bradley Kesler $125,000

Deputy Chief of Police Kenneth Sprague $124,000

Deputy General Counsel Robert Ferguson $125,000

AGM Surface Operations Service Planning David Carney $123,000

Director Service Vehicle Maintenance Joseph Keefe $122,000

Director Technology Infrastructure Operations John Groff $122,000

Director Special Security/Emergency Management Randy Clarke $122,000

Director Sr. Design & Construction Greenline Mary Ainsley $120,000

Director Sr. Design & Construction James Jackson $120,000

Director Sr. Contract Administration Margaret HInkle $120,000

Director Applications Development Kanagalingan Goursalen $118,000

Director Occupational Health Services Kathy Legon $118,000

Director Signals & Communications Joseph McNall $117,000

AGM Real Estate and Asset Services Mark Boyle $116,000

Specialist OCC Software Frank Feltes $116,000

Deputy Administration Transit Michael Lambert $115,000

Chief of Staff of General Manager Tamara Powell $115,000
Deputy Administration Commuter Rail Catherine Lynds $115,000

Director Maintenance Railroad Operations Steven Adkieas $114,000

Deputy Administrator Rail John Ray $114,000

Director Administration Florence Hall $114,000

Director Compliance and Reporting Laura Guadagno $114,000

Director finance and Administrative Operations Thomas Johnson $113,000

Lt. Police William Fleming $113,000

Lt. Police Robert Lenehan $113,000

Deputy, Chief Information Security Officer Martin Pina $113,000

Chief of Staff Operations Walter Reed $111,000

Director Capital Accounting Edward Murray $110,000

Director finance Policy and analyses Janice Ramsey $110,000

Director Labor Relations Kimberly Poirier $110,000

Director Research and Analysis Laurel Paget-Seekias $110,000

Director Accounting Joseph Connolly $110,000

Director Bus Maintenance Troy Ellerbee $110,000

Director Administration and Finance John Thornton $110,000

Lt. Police Steven Douglas $107,000

Deputy Dir. Signal & Communications Brian Caniff $108,000

Lt. Police Christopher Maynard $109,000

Director Asset Management Safyea Patel $107,000

Lt. Police Donald O'Connor $107,000

Deputy Chief Police Gloria Andrews-Ward $107,000

Lt. Police Kenneth Berg $107,000

Director Right-of-Way Maintenance William Lally $110,000

Director Design Margaret Lackner $103,000

Director Transportation and Customer Service R.R. Stephen Jones $108,000

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