Saturday, October 18, 2014

Massachusetts' `Not Seasonally Adjusted' Unemployment Rate Increases To 6.2 Percent In September 2014

Between August and September 2014, the “not seasonally adjusted” unemployment rate in Massachusetts increased from 6 to 6.2 percent; while the national “not seasonally adjusted” jobless rate in the United States decreased from 6.3 to 5.7 percent during the same period, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The official “not seasonally adjusted” number of unemployed workers in Massachusetts also increased by 5,400 (from 212,800 to 218,200) between August and September 2014; while the “not seasonally adjusted” number of Massachusetts workers who still had jobs decreased by 43,000 (from 3,352,700 to 3,309,700). In addition, the “not seasonally adjusted” number of workers still in the Massachusetts labor force decreased by 37,500 (from 3,565,400 to 3,527,900) between August and September 2014.

 According to Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development’s October 16, 2014 press release:

“…Education and Health Services lost 4,800 (-0.6%) jobs over the month…Other Services lost 800 (-0.6%) jobs level over the month…Manufacturing lost 700 (-0.3% ) jobs over the month…”

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