Friday, May 31, 2013

45 Years After RFK Assassination Retrospective: Who Killed RFK?

On June 5, 1968, U.S. Senator from New York and 1968 Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was mysteriously gunned down in California. And in his 1976 book Heartland, comedian Mort Sahl made the following reference to RFK:

"Two personal friends of Robert Kennedy, one of whom had been his roommate in college, at the request of the Kennedy family, got in touch with Jim Garrison and attended the preliminary hearing of Clay Shaw. They said that Bobby would wait until he was in a position to be relatively assured of the Presidency and then would get deeper into the case and get the guys who killed Jack. Guys. They used the plural. Garrison said to me later he'll be dead if he wins the California primary..."

Coincidentally, a 1975 essay by Allard Lowenstein which appeared in Government By Gunplay: Assassination Conspiracy Theories from Dallas to Today, entitled "Who Killed Robert Kennedy?", observed:

"This year several Stern magazine reporters conducted an extended investigation. Stern is a leading...German newsweekly. Their findings were detailed in a cover story entitled, `The Real Murderer [of Robert Kennedy] is Still Free.' Those findings were not reported in the United States."

(Aquarian Weekly 6/5/96)

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