Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Back Bay Tower" Folk Song Protests Against Copley Place Residential Addition/Winter Garden In Boston

To profit Neiman Marcus
And Simon Property
Is not sufficient reason
For approval by the City.

They want to build a tower
Forty-seven stories high
From the middle of Back Bay
Right up to the sky
They want to cast a shadow
All over Copley Square
From luxury apartments
On top of a big store.

They want to build a skyscraper
Right next to Tent City
And clog the streets with trucks
And make the air dirty
For three long years their cranes
Will endanger pedestrians
And yet another wind tunnel
Will be created at the end.

They promise many jobs
When they build with borrowed cash
But if they can't pay off their debts
With a big hole we'll be stuck
And none of the apartments
Will be affordable to the poor
Or even to the workers
Who build them with their labor.

So if you think your neighborhood
Doesn't need their Back Bay Tower
And to enclose public space in glass
So Neiman Marcus stock can go higher
Then it's time to stop this skyscraper
From being built on the Copley Mall
And to protest as a community
And to protest to City Hall.

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