Sunday, September 11, 2011

"More Civilians Died"

They sent their planes to bomb Tokyo
Civilians they defined as their foe
German cities they bombed long ago
The civilian body count, it did grow

For her work on a plane, a small paycheck
For feeding passengers, an early death

An A-Bomb they did drop on Hiroshima
And thousands more civilians were slaughtered
And Nagasaki too, three days later
Became a new graveyard for more civilians

A student so young, sitting on a plane
The Twin Towers appear, the passengers all scream

They sent their jets to bomb Korea
Civilians down below were massacred
Then 8 years they did bomb Vietnam
And millions who were killed: civilians

He worked as a waiter on the top floor
His pay it was so low, but he died in the fire

They sent their jets to bomb Lebanon
And more civilians died on the ground
Refugee camps attacked, filled with Palestinians
More civilians killed for political reasons

She went to work each day in a skyscraper
And died by a computer on the 97th floor

And Baghdad and Belgrade, they did bomb
And more civilians died, while many sobbed
And now they're in a war for Unocal
To build a new pipeline is their goal

To rescue civilians, the firemen ran inside
The tower then collapsed, and they also died

How many more civilians will now be killed
By the ones who rely on terror to rule the world?
It looks like we're all doomed pretty soon
Unless civilians rise up to change the world

The World Trade Center destroyed and thousands died
Victims of conspiracies of the presidents who hide

The rulers of this land rely on fear
But fire can't be fought with more fire
So Civilians let's unite, before it's too late
And build a new world that's free of their hate.

The "More Civilians Died" public domain protest folk song was written in late 2001--before many more questions about the U.S. government and Big Media's official version of what actually happened on 9/11/01 in Downtown Manhattan began to be raised by an increasing number of anti-war 9/11 truth activists during the following 10 years.

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