Saturday, August 28, 2010

Journalism Ethics vs. Foundation-Sponsored Alternative Media Censorship

If you check out many of the left alternative media radio/tv shows, publications, websites or blogs that receive grants from U.S. foundations like the Ford Foundation, Billionaire George Soros's Open Society Institute, the Lannan Foundation, the Glaser Progress Foundation, Bill Moyers' Schumann Center for Media & Democracy/Schumann Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and the Knight Foundation, you'll notice that these alternative media radio shows, publications, websites or blogs rarely provide their listeners, viewers or readers with any critical news about their foundation funders. Yet, according to the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, U.S. journalists are supposed to:

"Avoid conflicts of interests, real or perceived.

"Remain free of associations and activities that may compromise integrity or damage credibility.

"Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel, and special treatment, and shun secondary employment, political involvement, public office, and service in community organizations if they compromise journalistic integrity.

"Disclose unavoidable conflicts.

"Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable. [Note: Including those who hold power within the U.S. multi-billion dollar foundation world]

"Deny favored treatment to advertisers and special interests and resist their pressure to influence news coverage.

"Be wary of sources offering information for favors or money."

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