Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sec. of State Clinton's Mevs Family Haiti Connection Historically

As the Wall Street Journal (9/16/94) noted in 1994, the Mevs clan is "one of the most powerful of Haiti's business families" and "since 1992, lawyers at firm of Williams & Connolly have been lobbying the U.S. government on Haiti issues on behalf of the Mevses, who just in 1993 paid the firm $145,281 for its efforts." It also revealed that "the Mevses' chief Washington contact, Gregory Craig, is a law-school classmate of [former] President Clinton and a former senior aide to [now-deceased] Sen. Edward Kennedy," "the Mevses have cultivated contacts in Congress as well as in the State Department and the National Security Council," and in 1993 "held a dinner for about 100 people..."

In Haiti, the Mevs family owns "shoe and soap factories" and controls "most of Haiti's sugar imports," "are worth between $15 million and $50 million," owns much of Downtown Port-au-Prince and may have "profited from their cozy ties to the Duvaliers," according to the Wall Street Journal.

Secretary of State Clinton's husband was recently working with the Mevs family in Haiti,prior to the tragic earthquake disaster, to set up some kind of business deal/economic development project which was going to be partially financed with some of billionaire speculator George Soros's surplus capital.

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