Saturday, October 24, 2009

U.S. Elite University Economics Departments: Still Racist In 21st Century?

The Ultra-Rich White Folks who still control the 30 top-ranking universities in the United States often claim that they're opposed to institutional racism in the 21st-century.

Yet according to the article, titled "Almost No Black Economists at the Nation's Highest-Ranked Universities," that was posted on The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education website in 2006, only 15 of the 935 economics department faculty members at the 30 highest-ranked universities in the United States are black; and these 15 black economists only "make up 1.6 percent of all the total faculty in the economics departments" of these 30 elite U.S. universities.

See The Journal of Blacks In Higher Education article at the following link for more information:

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