Monday, July 30, 2018

`Targeted Murder' anti-war folk song lyrics

An anti-war topical folk song from 2018 that protests against 21st-century U.S. government policy of targeted assassinations, using drones--in violation of international law:
Targeted Murder
The latest war crime
Targeted Murder
Of civilians who die.

Without any trial
Or right to appeal
He was picked for assassination
So they tracked his cellphone
And ordered their drone
To murder in the name of their nation. (chorus)

Oh, say can you see
His dead family
Their bodies now ripped apart?
By the dawn's early light
The drone did ignite
The house where his car was parked. (chorus)

And a wedding party
With many kiddies
Was hit by their drone weaponry
And how many were slain
The White House won't say
If no victims are shown on TV. (chorus)

International law
And the laws of war
Are now broken by their war machine
They kill instantly
And ignore all the family screams. (chorus)